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ALS, BLS, and Convalescent Transports


We have four 24-hour per day ambulances providing ALS (Advanced Life Support) coverage and they operate out of 4 stations across Carter County.  

We also offer several other ambulances during the day that are made up of a mix of Paramedics and EMT-A's that assist in providing both ALS and BLS (Basic Life Support) services.

Convalescent (Scheduled) Transports

 These transports are another service we provide.  If you or a loved one are unable to make it to or from medical care or medical appointments in a car or a van, we can provide transport on a stretcher (Be aware that insurances must authorize such transports in advance, otherwise the pt will be responsible for the cost of the transport, so please, for your sake, be sure to check on this when scheduling trips.)  

Our experienced and helpful Billing Office Staff will also be glad to assist you in getting things completed and scheduled quickly and correctly.  We bill all insurances, and for those that do not have insurance or are unable to pay their portion of their bills after insurance, we offer a financial assistance program that allows customers to come in and fill out a financial needs form.  We work with our customers based on their need in order to make repayment as painless as possible.

Call our Billing Office at 423.543.5445 Extension 3 or come by the office Monday through Friday from 8:00 - 5:00 to schedule a transport.   

Rescue Services

 We provide Rescue Services to to people of Carter County in the form of Vehicle Rescue and Extrication, Search and Rescue, Lake and River water rescue and recovery services, Mass Casualty Teams, Hazardous Materials Teams, and others.