Corona Virus and Covid-19 Information


Some changes in how we do things.

In the face of the virus crisis, we will be changing some of our everyday practices.  Firstly, our offices are now closed to the public.  Payments are taken by mail or over the phone.  All other needs should be handled over the phone.  This applies to outlying stations as well.  All employees have their temperature measured when they arrive for work, and must go home if they have a fever.    Any PT that exhibits signs or symptoms of coronavirus, including coughing, sneezing, etc will have a mask placed over their nose and mouth.  Crews may wear a mask as well as they deem necessary.   More changes will come as the crisis develops. 

About the novel coronavirus crisis.

As most are aware, there is a state of emergency currently in place in the United States, enacted by President Donald J. Trump,  which has released emergency funding for hard hit areas.  This virus spreads rapidly, and is VERY contagious.  People can be contagious with no symptoms for up to 14 days and be spreading it to others.  It is recommended to avoid places with crowds over 10 people unless it is a TRUE necessity.  PLEASE avoid being around others, even friends and family that do not live with you.  Stay inside.  Avoid recreation areas, trails, etc.  It hasn't hit us hard in this area yet, but DO NOT be complacent or fooled.  It will come to us, it just takes longer due to our rural setting and population density.  When it comes, these preparations of avoiding people will pay off.  It is not a joke, it is not over-reaction.  Take it seriously, and help save your life, and the lives of those around you.  Especially elderly or people with pre-existing conditions, such as heart trouble, lung trouble, diabetes, etc.

Official CDC Government site

The CDC government website is the best place to go and get the most up to date information in regards to this new virus, and offers best practices to follow. 

CDC Interim Guidance for EMS and 911 Systems

Another section of the CDC government website, found HERE,  offers information for the EMS worker and 911 workers in regard to current recommendations and guidance as to how to best handle this crisis.

Symptoms and testing

CDC website for info about symptoms and testing.